VPI has over 30 years of experience as a licensed general contractor in South Florida building a diverse portfolio of projects.


Our hands-on construction approach produces expediency, full compliance and high quality  while keeping safety our priority.


With over 200 projects successfully completed, our resources, communication and planning guarantee goals are met.


We partner with local subcontractors to develop dependable relationships, currently having issued over $200 million in work.




Veitia Padron Inc. is a family owned and operated construction group founded in Miami, Florida in 1996. VPI provides construction and construction management services in South Florida with the mission to build high quality, expedient and cost effective projects for our clients. We understand every project is unique with different timelines, scopes, materials and rooted passions. Veitia Padron Inc. specializes in the construction of commercial projects, industrial facilities, government contracting and public education facilities. With a long proven track-record, VPI is a dynamic construction team with a passion to build and serve the community..


Preconstruction Planning
Construction Management

Preconstruction services is the foundation to ensure a project is successful. Through early involvement, we help minimize risk and protect profitability by performing numerous site visits, reviewing deficiency lists, analyzing as-built documentation and surveys, implementing value engineering and thoroughly breaking down the budget. Additionally, we successfully qualify bidders to maintain great working relationships with our subcontractors.

By performing extensive preconstruction services, we are able to transition seamlessly into the construction of the project. VPI provides full time site supervision, and diligently tracks scheduling to make sure we achieve substantial completion and closeout dates. Always taking safety into account, we consistently meet inspection requirements, attend all project meetings to track progress and maintain record keeping for compliance. 

Our hands-on construction approach produces expediency and quality in our projects to keep clients happy and earn their trust. Once each project is complete, we ensure there are ZERO punch-list items on the final walk through to ensure a seamless turnover to the owner. Always working closely with your team, VPI assists from beginning to end until satisfaction is achieved. 



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